Tres – Weekend Roundup III

The Weekend Roundup shares some great blogs I have read and a few I have writtenHere we are at the end of another week, or the beginning of another week depending on how you look at it. Either way, it is time to take a look back at some of the interesting blog posts that I have read lately.

Last week all of the posts I shared were about blogging. This week is more diverse, only one of them has anything to do with the web at all. I’m interested in a variety of topics, as most people are, and these posts look into some of those other areas. Here’s the Weekend Roundup:

The Law of Attraction

You cant wait for a reason to trust. The trust has to come first and then the manifestationOne of the big challenges with the Law of Attraction is that you are supposed to focus on your desired outcome, not on how thing are right now. The idea is that whatever you put your attention on is what you will attract. So if you are focused on how things are, you will attract more of how thing are and not how you want them to be. The challenge is how do you keep your mind on clear skies when you are in the midst of a storm? Kelli Cooper addresses that very question in her blog post – Law of Attraction: Curbing Your Anxiety and Obsession About What You Want.


Mike Pilcher on Restistance BandsMost of us could stand to be in a little bit better shape. I find that to be a challenge during the winter because my preferred exercise is to go hiking, which isn’t a lot of fun in the winter when it is cold, windy, and either raining or snowing. It would be great to have something to do indoors where it’s warm and dry, and that doesn’t take a whole lot of time or space because I don’t exactly live in a palace (not yet anyway). I stumbled on a post by Mike Pilcher talking about resistance bands. It looks like a good idea because the equipment isn’t all that expensive and you just need a little bit of space to move around. Check out Mike’s post and find out what you need to know about selecting and using resistance bands to help you reach your fitness goals: Resistance Bands Build Muscle – Resistance Band Exercises.

Heart Health

7-Things-About-Your-Cholesterol-That-You-Need-To-Know-NowWe all know that cholesterol is bad, right? Is it really? Or is it a very successful marketing job by the drug companies to sell their statin drugs? I remember learning in my anatomy and physiology class many years ago that the cell membrane around each and every cell in our body contains cholesterol to keep it functioning properly, so the body does need some amount of it.

In a guest post on Dr. Elise Cohen Ho’s website Mark Hyman, M.D. shares some great information and dispels some myths about cholesterol and heart attacks while promoting his new book. There have been a lot of myths about fats, cholesterol, their effects on the body, and what really causes heart attacks. Check out 7 Things About Your Cholesterol That You Need to Know Now to find out more.

And Back to Your Website

Is Your WordPress Blog Slower Than You Think?Have you ever tried to visit a webpage and it’s just so slow. It sucks and if it takes too long you just leave. It’s even worse if it is your own webpage. Along with all of the reasons why you don’t want to be the owner of a slow website, Devesh Sharma shares a great online tool (free tool) that passes your webpage through Google’s PageSpeed and Yahoo’s YSlow utilities, analyzes the results and tells you what you need to do to fix each issue.

I had it analyze the homepage to my main website, which has a lot of images, and received a score of 68%. I followed its advice and was able to improve my page to 83%. See Devesh’s post, Site Speed: Is Your WordPress Blog Slower Than You Think? (And How to Fix It) and see what you can learn about your website.

My New Posts

If you have read my recent business posts then you know I’ve been talking a lot lately about the changes that Nikken has made to put more attention on customers and retail sales. Another distributor friend told me that he’s been getting a lot of questions about how to retail the product. My first reaction was that he should tell them to do it the same way they promoted the business except they need to talk about freedom from discomfort instead of freedom from financial worries. Then I realized that they probably weren’t talking to people about the business either, so I decided to take the question more seriously and write my take on it: How to Retail Products in Nikken. I talk about this from my perspective as a Nikken distributor but it applies to any business that sells a product.

Have you ever had someone try to sell you something but it was pretty darn obvious that they had never used the product or service themselves? It would be like going into a restaurant and asking what’s good only to be told that they had never eaten there. If you are going to sell something, you have to have used the product. The more experience you have the better. I found a picture of my daughter playing in the packing peanuts from the first order that I received after becoming a Nikken distributor ten years ago and decided to write about being a customer first. It’s worth taking a look just to see my little girl having a great time in a cardboard box. I Was a Nikken Customer Before I Was a Distributor.

Finally, something that isn’t about Nikken. Have you ever talked to someone, maybe as a coach or mentor, who said that they wanted to do something? But they can’t start today. They have to wait two weeks or a month because this other thing is going on. So you say, “OK, talk to me in a month.” and they go on their way. In two months they come back and tell you that they still want to do it, but something else has come up that they have to deal with first. This will likely go on forever. You have to tell them that if they are serious about doing something, The Best Way to Do It Is to Get Started Now.

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you know of something that I should be reading? I’m always looking for new blogs to read. There is so much great information out there that people are writing about. Drop me a comment below and let me know what you’re reading (or writing). If I like it too, which I’m sure I will, then I may promote it here.

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  1. What a fascinating collection of articles. I’m also a big reader and follow a lot of blogs on topics ranging from personal development, writing and self-publishing, Entrepreneurship, news (lots of news), science and research and, of course, the business of blogging. Thank heavens for Feedly!

    • Ben says:

      Thanks for visiting Marquita. I enjoyed reading your latest post as well. If it is OK with you I may include it in my next Weekend Roundup.

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