Wellness is more than just nutritional supplements. It involves all aspects of how you treat your body.I learned about the concept of wellness when I was in massage school.

When most people think of wellness they think about nutrition, what you eat.

Wellness is much more than just what you eat. It includes all aspects of your environment and how you care for your body.

What you eat and drink, what you breathe, how you sleep, exercise, and how you recover from exercise.

That’s all vitally important to your health, so it’s all part of your wellness practice.


Nutrition is a vital component of wellnessNutrition is a big part of your wellness because what you eat  provides the material that your body uses to rebuild and repair itself.

Nutrition provides the building blocks – protein and the component amino acids.

Nutrition provides the fuel – carbohydrates and fats.

Ideally, all of the nutrition you need should come from the food you eat. For most people that just isn’t possible anymore.

So we turn to nutritional supplements. When you buy nutritional supplements, be sure to spend the money to get quality ones. Most of the ones on the shelf in a grocery store are not quality supplements.

Look at the ingredient label. Take vitamin D3 for example. That’s one ingredient. Anything else listed under “other ingredients” is extra, not vitamin D. Find the one with the shortest list of other ingredients.

Consider this also. Most vitamins and minerals do not exist in an isolated form in nature. Folate doesn’t grow on a small bush that you can plant in your garden. It’s just a single component of a variety of foods that you may eat.

Likewise, your body doesn’t use any vitamin or mineral in isolation either. For example, your body cannot use calcium all by itself. It needs a host of other vitamins and minerals to get any value from it. The closer your nutritional supplement comes to actual food, the better it is for your body.

This is where I get most of my nutritional supplements.


Clean alkaline water is another key component to wellness.I don’t need to say too much about water, do I? You know you need to drink a certain amount every day to stay hydrated. Some people say 8 cups. Others say a half ounce for every pound of body weight then adjust for your activity level.

I don’t care about the amount. Just drink the water.

The problem is, it’s getting harder and harder to find a quality source of water. If your water comes from the city it probably has chlorine in it, a poison.

I have lived out in the country most of my life and I usually get my water from a well. That isn’t a guarantee of clean water either though. As soon as you punch a hole in the aquifer, which is what you do when you drill a well, you provide a path for contamination.

So you need to drink bottled water, right? Yeah, well, maybe not. There aren’t any rules that say that a bottled water company has to perform any testing or publish any testing results for their water. You really don’t know what’s in the bottle. The higher cost doesn’t guarantee a lower risk.

Actually, I wrote a whole blog post about this issue and how to get great tasting water. Check it out for the full story.

If you want to skip all the reasons for why you want a good water filter, and why I like the one I use, go straight to my water filter.

Skin Care and Hair Care

Every thing goes on your skin and hair is absorbed into your bodyMost people don’t think about what they put on their skin and how important it is to keep your skin healthy.

I’ll make it very simple for you.

Assume that everything you put on your skin is going into your body.

It isn’t getting digested as if you ate it. It goes straight into your bloodstream, bypassing all of the processing and filtration provided by your digestive tract. Once it is in your blood, it can go everywhere, including your brain.

That should give you some pause.

If you are going to use them, it is important to make sure that you have good quality skin care products.

I don’t use any myself other than a quality soap that doesn’t have very many ingredients in it.

I do use hair care though. I like to have clean  hair just like everyone else.

The shampoo and conditioner that I use give my scalp a fantastic tingle. Best of all, the dandruff flaking that I have had all my life is gone.

Sleep and Managing Energy

Sleep affects many aspects of wellnessSleep is absolutely critical to your wellbeing. When you get enough quality sleep you wake up in the morning fully energized and ready to face the day.

When you don’t you start to crash. Lack of sleep appears in many ways.

  • Low energy
  • Difficulty staying awake (duh!)
  • Poor memory recall
  • Weight-gain, or difficulty losing weight
  • Irritability
  • Other signs of declining health

While you sleep your body is definitely not sleeping. It is busy repairing damage, processing your nutrition, and clearing out waste. Sleep is where real learning takes place. Your brain processes the events of your day and moves information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

When you don’t get enough sleep, or it is interrupted at the wrong time (alarm clock), that processing gets interrupted. Eventually that takes its toll in some of the symptoms I listed above.

I wrote a blog post not too long about everything I know about how to get a great night’s sleep.

Of course, you can skip all that and go straight to see the products that I use every night to get that quality sleep. The explanation in the post about why I use them is worth reading though.

Maintaining Energy

Good wellness keeps your energy levels up all day long.Good sleep goes a long way toward maintaining your energy for the day, but like you nutrition, sometimes you want/need to supplement.

I use magnets for that.

Ok, I can hear you scoffing. Have you tried magnets? I mean real magnets, not something from a mall kiosk.

My first experience with magnets was a magnetic necklace. That was enough to get my hooked. I wrote about my magnetic necklace experience in a blog post.

I also use magnetic insoles in my shoes and a magnetic chair pad when I’m in the car. Actually, I work from home so I don’t wear shoes as much as I used to, so I keep a pair of magnetic insoles on the floor in my workspace so that I can rest my feet on them while I work.

All of the wellness magnets that I have are available here.

Disclosure: My business is selling wellness products from a network marketing company. I don’t just sell the products. I use many of them myself, and have done so since I became a distributor in April 2006. I may earn a commission if you order the products on the linked pages. My commission does not affect the price you pay.

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