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Welcome to Yonder Willow Wellness. As part of my business I write for 4 different website, 1 for each of the 4 areas that I focus on in my business: wellness, network marketing, internet marketing, and personal development.

Below you can see the highlights of my most recent blog post on each of those sites.


It has been unusually chilly in the southeast US lately, what to do when you are cold at night (in the summer)We have had an unusually cool summer this year in the southeast United States.

Now, I’m not complaining. It has been great.  Normally at this time of year we close ourselves up inside with the air conditioner.

Instead, I have been able to go hiking with my family the past few weeks and we only close our windows when it rains hard, which has happened more than usual too.

Along with the cooler daytime temperatures though, come colder nighttime temperatures too. So what do you do when you are cold at night in the summer, either at home or out camping.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is not. You just have to find a way that works for you, then get to workI had never met Gary when he called me up several years ago. He was another distributor in the network marketing company that I worked with.

He wanted to know if I would show him how I was building my business online.

About 2 months ago he asked me if I would speak about internet marketing at an event that he was organizing. Sure, why not.

I’m not a public speaker and don’t want to be. I’m perfectly happy working exclusively online.

The event was 2 weeks ago, and when I stood up to speak my mind went completely blank. I could only remember my name because Gary had just used it when he introduced me.

I made it through my presentation though I wouldn’t call it exactly coherent. So, here’s my presentation as I intended it to be, in an environment that I’m more comfortable with – a blog.

It’s long, just over 4,000 words (he wanted me to speak for 30 minutes). There’s Always Another Way – How to Make Network Marketing Work Online.

Internet Marketing

You can learn both good and bad email marketing practices by joining other people's lists. I take apart a good one in this postI sometimes opt-in to other people’s email lists because they are the best way to learn email marketing.

I recently received an email from a list that I joined a few months ago. I believe it is a perfect example of a few things that you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your list.

In this post I take apart the email I received and share the rules that it violated.

I believe more in focusing on what to do right and not so much in pointing out what to do wrong, but this one was too good to pass up.

So let’s look at a poor example of an email and figure out some better email marketing practices.

Personal Development

What does duality mean, and what is wrong with it?I love to study personal development, especially the new age and spirituality areas.

It doesn’t take very long in those topics to come up the idea of duality, and it is never described as a good thing.

The problem for me was that I never found a good definition of what duality is. That made it very hard to understand why duality was such a bad thing.

Well, I finally found a good explanation and I share my new understanding of it in this post – what does duality mean?


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