Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingInternet marketing is the easiest, most cost effective medium for sharing your message with the world.

I don’t know anyone who reads a newspaper. More and more people are dropping any form of television in favor of Netflix or Hulu.

The Internet is so convenient that people are flocking to it for news, information and entertainment.

Since that is where you audience is, that is where you should be too.

Internet Network Marketing

I’m a network marketer and affiliate marketer and I use the Internet exclusively to build my business.

Inexpensive web hosting services and free software like WordPress make it easy for just about anyone to get their business online.

The challenge is in finding all of the information you need and assembling it in a logical order to successfully build your website.

I’m doing all of that for you on my internet marketing website. There you can sign up for my email series and get access to my free online training.

I’ll warn you right now, it is a work in progress. I’m actively building it right now.

What’s Covered So Far

  • Get your web hosting account – web hosting companies provide the physical computer that stores the files that make up your website and makes them available on the Internet
  • Register your domain – your domain is the URL to your website. For example, my domain here is
  • Install WordPress – WordPress is free software that makes it very easy to create content for your website. If you can handle word processing software like Microsoft Word then you have pretty much all of the skills you need to use WordPress.
  • Create a page
  • Create a blog post – there are some small differences between a “page” and a “post.” I cover them so that you know what you are doing and why.
  • Search engine optimization (or SEO) – how to make sure that your pages and posts are search-engine-friendly so that you can get free traffic from Google and the others.
  • Social media – how to use websites like Facebook, Twitter and others to get traffic back to your website.

I’m currently working on the social media section.

Why Am I Giving It Away for Free?

I want to create a tribe.

Internet marketing is a game and the more players you have on your team the better you do as a group.

A big part of ranking high on the search engines is to already have a decent amount of traffic and people sharing your content.

That’s what a tribe does. A tribe is a group of people who promote each other’s content.

Say you belong to a tribe of only 5 people. Every time you write a new blog post you know you already have 4 people who are going to share your post on their social media accounts.

And of course you are going to do the same for the other people in your tribe.

That’s a whole lot better than going it alone.

Now increase that tribe to 10, 20 or more. The more the better, but even 5 will put you way ahead of most people.

Further, everyone in the tribe can give feedback on your content so that everyone can improve and grow.

Sign up now (for free) for my internet marketing training and let’s build our tribe.

Affiliate Marketing

As I said, I’m an affiliate marketer as well as a network marketer.

Most of the things that I use to build my business online are free, but a few of them (like web hosting) do cost money. Most of those services that have a price also offer an affiliate program.

They will pay you a commission if you refer someone who buys their service or product. It can’t get much better than that.

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