The Ideal Way to Get Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post IdeasPeople, especially those I work with, sometimes ask me how I come up with blog post ideas. The ideal way for them to come together is through inspiration. I recently wrote a post called Sea of Consciousness from something I read in The Magic In Your Mind by U. S. Andersen.

I was reading the book before falling asleep a few days ago and came across a passage that just screamed “blog post” at me. I marked the page for the next morning. Once I was up, I sat down and copied the passage into a new post, then let it sit as I moved on to something else.

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What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Matcha PowderI had never heard of matcha green tea powder before so I was curious. What is matcha tea and what makes it different from other green teas? So I did some research.

With most teas, green or otherwise, you only drink the water that the leaves have steeped in. You don’t actually consume the leaves. With matcha green tea you actually consume the leaves, so you get a lot more of the nutritional benefit. Since you are actually drinking the tea plant, it doesn’t come as whole leaves in a little bag. It comes as a powder.

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