Visualization – Can You Picture That

Visualization Can You Picture ThatCan You Picture That, performed by the Electric Mayhem in The Muppet Movie, is one of my favorite songs about visualization. If you want to create something, you have to see it first in your mind. As Bob Proctor has said, “Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

What does your vision of your future look like? What do you want to create? Have you seen it in your mind and imagined what it feels like? If you can’t see it, you can’t have it.

Have a Vision of Your Success

I’m an internet network marketer. My vision for that right now looks like bringing home $70K every month with a small, very active and successful team. Most marketers shoot for huge teams knowing that most people are going to generate very little if any income. I don’t want to spread myself that thin helping people who aren’t committed to playing the game.  So my vision for my buisness is to have a handful of people who will duplicate what I’m doing – using the internet to generate retail sales (the money is in retail profit no matter how much the “leaders” will tell you otherwise) and build a small team of people who will then continue to duplicate the process.

Maintaining my health is another area where I spend a lot of time building my vision of myself. I picture myself in the mirror at my ideal weight and get an idea of how it feels to be that weight.

I love to learn, so I see my lifestyle growing to the point where I can spend time with the people who can teach me the things that I want to learn. I want to do more than just read a book on a topic. I want to be able to immerse myself in the topic and really learn it. That may mean attending local events at first or traveling to other cities to attend workshops or seminars. Eventually that will become much bigger.

Let’s say that I want to learn German. To start, I might get a book or use to get the basics of the language. To really understand and use the language I want to move to Germany and live in an environment where I have to learn and use the language on a daily basis to get by. I want an immersive learning experience. We homeschool our kids, so that would be an excellent opportunity for them to learn as well.

To that end I would take action with what I can do right now, like use, then visualize what it would be like to be living in a foreign country surrounded by people speaking that language and being able to understand and communicate with them.

Visualization Is More Than Just Seeing It

Visualization is more than just seeing what you want to create. The goal with visualization is to create a very strong feeling of already having what you want to create. You can create a much stronger feeling by including all of your other senses – taste, touch, smell and sound as well.

As I said above in my foreign language example I heard the people around me speaking German. If you want a car then include how the seat feels under you and the steering wheel feels in your hand. What does the engine sound like when you’re driving down the road. What does the inside of the car smell like? How does your body move as the car hugs the road while taking a curve at speed? They all contribute to your feeling of having the car.

Tools Can Help

Tools can help with your visualization. You can create a vision board and record the sounds that go along with it with some affirmations if that helps you. You were born with the best tool though, your imagination.

Do you have other things that you do to create the feeling of having what you want to achieve or create? Please share them in a comment below.


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