The Best Tool for Learning How to Meditate

Meditation can be very hard for someone who has never learned how to meditate or what it feels like to be in a meditative state. Guided meditation programs are great for getting you into a meditative state but I don’t feel that they teach you how to do it on your own, so they can become a crutch. I really like brainwave entrainment programs because they can help you go very deep or into very specific states, and I have a few of them, but like guided meditations, they don’t teach you how to do it on your own.

I believe that the ability to get into a meditative state, or a very relaxed state, is beneficial, I would even say important and necessary, and you aren’t always going to be able to have portable CD player to listen to your meditation program. Either you won’t have the time to use a program or you just won’t have it on you when you need it. So you want to learn how to relax yourself without being dependent on a tool all the time.

The emWave From HeartMath

The emWave from HeartMath is the best tool for learning how to meditate. It is a small, very portable biofeedback device that helps you to synchronize your breathing with your heart rate to achieve a state they call coherence.

… you learn to control your physiology through breathing along with your heart rhythms and focusing on positive emotions.

… you increase your ability to take charge of your emotional reactions. Your health, sleep, relationships and quality of life improve.

The Best Tool for Learning How to MeditateSounds like meditation to me.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the use of electronic monitoring of a normally automatic bodily function in order to train someone to acquire voluntary control of that function. The emWave monitors your heart rate and skin changes to visibly show you your heart rate and when you are close to and in a coherent state.

Why is the emWave the Best Tool?

I like the emWave because it teaches you how to get into that coherent meditative state so that you can do it on your own any time that you want to or need to. The brainwave entrainment and guided meditation are great for your dedicated meditation practice when you have 30 or 60 minutes set aside for it. Learning how to get into that state on your own is for the quick, as you go times when you need it.

A college student during midterms or finals can take a moment to slow their heart rate and breathing to relax and clear their mind as they sit down for their exam. A business man or woman can get rid of the tension from the stressful ride to work and be relaxed and focused for an important meeting. This is easy once you have learned how, and you don’t have to have the emWave with you because it teaches you how to do it.

When you have more time, like at night before bed, you can practice with the emWave to get into the coherent state faster and stay their longer. When you can do that nothing can ruffle you, at least not for very long.

How to Get Your Own emWave

I have had my emWave (now the emWave 2) for several years and my wife and I still use it. HeartMath is having a sale on the emWave and Inner Balance. Inner Balance essentially turns your Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) into an emWave with some additional features.

HEARTMATH SUMMER SALE IS ON! Enjoy 25% off retail price of Inner Balance or emWave products. LIMITED TIME OFFER. Sale ends July 28, 2015. Restrictions Apply.HeartMath emWave Special Offer

When you click the link above, you can watch the short HeartMath technology video. To see the devices, select the Products menu and choose one of the first three options: Inner Balance for iOS, emWave Pro or emWave 2. Like I already said, I have the emWave 2. If you have an Apple Device then the Inner Balance is the least expensive option. Be sure to choose the correct connector for your device and verify the compatibility.


PS. If you have experience with the HeartMath devices then please share your experience in a comment below.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate with HeartMath. If you order through the link above then I may earn a commission. If works for both of us. You save money and I make some. It’s a win/win.

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