My First Weekend Roundup

This is my first Weekend Roundup post of what will hopefully be a weekly thing. Life may occasionally get in the way because I am a full-time stay-at-home Dad and I home school my kids, so that’s my first priority. With these posts I intend to share a handful of posts by other bloggers that I have read during the week and the ones that I have written myself on other websites. So without further ado…

Posts From Great Bloggers

Adrienne Smiths BlogAdrienne Smith has been writing for several years and is the one that I read the most often. Just about every other blog I read is because she either recommended it in one of her roundup posts or because their author has commented on her blog. In her most recent post Adrienne talks about how back in the old days bloggers would focus on increasing certain metrics to make their blog success. These metrics included your Google Page Rank and your Alexa Rank. Things are different now and these numbers don’t matter as much as they did. Check out her post – Every Entrepreneur That Blogs Regrets Not Doing This Sooner – and see what is most important now for successful bloggers.

subscriber-emails-300x289Will Hoekenga is a copywriting & marketing consultant and he wrote a post recently that I got some good ideas from on the Boost Blog Traffic website. A lot of bloggers have opt-in forms on their websites that allow you to sign up so that they can email you when their next post is ready for you to read. It’s often just a boring email that doesn’t really do much to build a connection between the author and their readers. If you are a blogger Will has seven great ideas for how you can change up those emails to get more engagement from your readers. Read it here: 7 Emails You  Should Send Your Subscribers (But Probably Don’t).

Chery SchmidtChery Schmidt has been building her online business for a few years now and has good information to share about how to be successful. In her most recent post she talks about how to deal with all of the things that can distract you from doing what you need to do when working from home. She lists three simple steps that anyone can follow to make sure that they are moving forward with their business every day. I believe her because it’s pretty much the same thing I do everyday when working on my business. Head on over to her blog to read 3 Easy Steps To A Successful Online Business.

DonnaMerrillDonna Merrill is one of the bloggers that I read the most after being introduced to her blog from Adrienne Smith’s blog a while back. Her most recent post sounds like a rather basic subject to blog about for an experienced blogger – how to start a blog. Chances are if you are reading her blog you probably already have a WordPress blog, or something similar. While she does hit on that topic, it’s more about what she says about “why” you blog that matters in her post, and makes it relevant even for experienced bloggers. We all need to revisit our “why” every now and then to make sure we are still on track. Read her post – How To Start A Blog On WordPress – And Why.

New Posts From Me

Are you judgmental or have low self-esteem?I am interested in network marketing, blogging, wellness and personal development, so those are the things that I write about. I have three posts that I have written recently. The first one is about the changes that Nikken, the network marketing company that I work with, has recently implemented in the business – Moving Forward With the Changes at Nikken. My second post is also about Nikken, from the customer perspective – Nikken Nutritional Supplements at 25% Off. As I said, I do have interests other than network marketing. As proof, my third post is in the area of personal development – Are People Judgmental or Just Have Low Self-Esteem?

Can You Help Me Out?

Do you have a blog or know of a great blog that I should be reading? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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